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INTRODUCTION: Recruitment to Class III/Group ‘C’ posts in various departments of Railways is done through various competitive examinations conducted by the respective Railways Recruitment Boards. These Boards are located at 19 important towns.


QUALIFICATIONS: Final students of Diploma in Engg or B.E./B.Tech or who have completed these courses are eligible to apply.


SYLLABUS: The examination comprises of 3 papers that is: General Knowledge, General Intelligence and Technical Aptitude (Mech/Civil/Electrical/Electronics).


OUR POSTAL COACHING: It is specially helpful for students who have recently passed DIPLOMA/B.E./B.TECH IN ENGINEERING OR STUDYING IN FINAL YEAR.


FREE PROSPECTUS:Interested candidates may obtain free prospectus sending a self addressed Rs. 10/- stamped big size envelope from the following address OR E-Mail your Bio-data.

The Hon.Secretary
Kalaskar Educational Services
P.B. No.4, SHIKARIPUR-577 427.
Email: kalaskarkk@yahoo.com

Sample Test Papers
Test Paper for Assistant Engine Driver
1. IRCON has executed many projects in the recent past for
(1) Pakistan (2) Nepal (3) Bangladesh (4) Srilanka (5) Iraq

2. The General Manager of South Central Railways is:
(1) Sri Raj Kumar (2) Sri M.A. Cherian (3) Sri. A.N.Shukla
(4) Sri D.C. Misra (5) Sri K.R.Viz

3. Konkan Railway line is targetted for completion by
(1) October 1994 (2) 26th January 1995 (3) 15th August 1994
(4) 31st December 1995 (5) None of the above

4. The people on earth are increasing at a rate of over ________ (as per 1990 study).
5. The literacy rate in India is:
(1) 80 % (2) 72 % (3) 52 % (4) 36 % (5) 40 %


1. In R.C.C Grade M25, the characteristic compressive strength is obtained by testing
(1) 15 Cm Cube at 28 days (2) 15 Cm Cube at 14 days
(3)10 Cm Cube at 7 days (4) 10 Cm Cube at 14 days (5) 10 Cm Cube at 28 days

2. The span to effective depth ratio of singly reinforced beam of span upto 10mi
(1) 7 (2) 20 (3) 26 (4) 16 (5) None of these

Why interviews stopped by Indian Railways?
Ans: In order to remove subjectivity totally from Railway Recruitment Board selections, the system of interviews has been eliminated from the most of the examinations. It has been replaced by a system of two tier examinations viz a preliminary examination, followed by a final examination. This new procedure shall apply to all.

Selection procedure
RRB call fro eligible applicants through “Employment News” ( A publication of the Government of India). The applications are scrutinzed for eligibility. The eligible candidates are called for a written examination. In most of the categories of jobs, there is no interview after the written examination. In some categories, there will be a second stage written examinations. In categories related to operational safety, there will be a psychological test. The results of selection will be made available.

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