Are you a brilliant student wishing to pursue higher studies but do not have enough resources? Well, there is nothing to worry about. A good number of Trusts, Societies, Cental and State Govt. etc., offer different varities of scholarships. Apart from this nationalized banks in India have come up with diverse schemes for providing financial assistance to young scholars, to enable them to fulfill their dreams. According to a circular recently released by the RBI, for studies within the country the ceiling of the loans provided is approximately Rs.7.5 lakhs, while it is Rs15 lakhs for higher studies abroad. Please visit our online shopping.


WHO WILL GRANT Scholarships are being offered and granted by the following authorities:

  • 1. Trusts and Societies
  • Charitable Institutions
  • Companies
  • Philanthropists
  • State and Central Govts.,
  • College and Universities.


ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for scholarships you must be a bonafide student of any of the following course:

  • Diploma
  • B.E./B.Tech
  • P.G
  • B.A./B.Com./B.Sc
  • P.U.C


FREE PROCESSING: On submission of your bio-data we will process the same and let you know individually as to for how many scholarships (out of 250) you are eligible to apply for. Further we will let you know the following:

  • Eligibility conditions of each Scholarship
  • Selection Procedure, Notification
  • Scholarship Amount
  • Duration of Scholarship
  • How to Apply


HOW TO APPLY: Interested candidates may send their full bio-data enclosing a self addressed Rs. 10/- stamped big size envelope on the following address OR E-Mail your Bio-data.

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Tips for writing an essay to get a scholarship

Writing these essays can be a frustrating, Interesting and revealing experience. Your final essays should produce a picture of you. Each essay should make a statement about your academic life and plans, as well as your personal goals and beliefs. However your essay should not be limited soley to academic material, but should also include a substantial amount of material about your personal growth. What factors or experiences influenced your personal growth? What has made you who you are? Paint a true picture of your development. Try to show your strengths and weaknesses. Ask your faculty members, classmates, roommates, and friends to read your essay.

Educational Loans   FAQ'S
  1. What are the courses for which I can get an educational loan?
  2. I want to pursue higher studies abroad is it possible to get a loan?
  3. Can a minor avail of an educational loan?
  4. What is the interest rate on an educational loan?
  5. What is the tenor of the educational loan?
  6. What is a ‘holiday period’?
  7. Do I need to place a security for the loan?
  8. Should I start repayment immediately after disburesement of the loan?
  9. What happens if I take a break from my studies?
  10. Is there a penalty for pre-payment?
  11. Will I get a loan to fund my computer course offered by private institutions?
  12. How is theloan disbursed?
  13. Do banks finance 100 % of my fees?
  14. What are the various documents to be submitted?
  15. I need to pay in dollars for my computer course, will I get loan in dollars?


INTRODUCTION: Recruitment to Class III/Group ‘C’ posts in various departments of Railways is done through various competitive examinations conducted by the respective Railways Recruitment Boards. These Boards are located at 19 important towns.


QUALIFICATIONS: Final students of Diploma in Engg or B.E./B.Tech or who have completed these courses are eligible to apply.


SYLLABUS: The examination comprises of 3 papers that is: General Knowledge, General Intelligence and Technical Aptitude (Mech/Civil/Electrical/Electronics).


OUR POSTAL COACHING: It is specially helpful for students who have recently passed DIPLOMA/B.E./B.TECH IN ENGINEERING OR STUDYING IN FINAL YEAR.


FREE PROSPECTUS: Interested candidates may obtain free prospectus sending a self addressed Rs. 10/- stamped big size envelope from the following address OR E-Mail your Bio-data.

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Sample Test Papers

Test Paper for Assistant Engine Driver

1. IRCON has executed many projects in the recent past for
(1) Pakistan (2) Nepal (3) Bangladesh (4) Srilanka (5) Iraq

2. The General Manager of South Central Railways is:
(1) Sri Raj Kumar (2) Sri M.A. Cherian (3) Sri. A.N.Shukla
(4) Sri D.C. Misra (5) Sri K.R.Viz

3. Konkan Railway line is targetted for completion by
(1) October 1994 (2) 26th January 1995 (3) 15th August 1994
(4) 31st December 1995 (5) None of the above

4. The people on earth are increasing at a rate of over ________ (as per 1990 study).
5. The literacy rate in India is:
(1) 80 % (2) 72 % (3) 52 % (4) 36 % (5) 40 %


1. In R.C.C Grade M25, the characteristic compressive strength is obtained by testing
(1) 15 Cm Cube at 28 days (2) 15 Cm Cube at 14 days
(3)10 Cm Cube at 7 days (4) 10 Cm Cube at 14 days (5) 10 Cm Cube at 28 days

2. The span to effective depth ratio of singly reinforced beam of span upto 10mi
(1) 7 (2) 20 (3) 26 (4) 16 (5) None of these

Why interviews stopped by Indian Railways?

Ans: In order to remove subjectivity totally from Railway Recruitment Board selections, the system of interviews has been eliminated from the most of the examinations. It has been replaced by a system of two tier examinations viz a preliminary examination, followed by a final examination. This new procedure shall apply to all.

Selection procedure

RRB call fro eligible applicants through “Employment News” ( A publication of the Government of India). The applications are scrutinzed for eligibility. The eligible candidates are called for a written examination. In most of the categories of jobs, there is no interview after the written examination. In some categories, there will be a second stage written examinations. In categories related to operational safety, there will be a psychological test. The results of selection will be made available.


RECOGNISATION: It is a Diploma of Institute of Rail Transport, a Govt.of India Organisation, New Delhi and recognised by all the Railway Boards.


PREFERENCE: Different Railway Recruitment Boards have recognised this Diploma as a desirable additional qualification for Recruitment to various catogeries of posts in Railway.


ELIGIBILITY: Final Year students of Diploma in Engineering or B.E./B.Tech or who have recently completed these courses.


USEFULNESS OF THIS COURSE: Many questions of this course will APPEAR in the examinations conducted by various Railway Recruitment Boards.


CONCESSION: Full Rail Fare concession is given to attend the above examination at any of the following centres: Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, New Delhi, Lucknow and Secundrabad.


WHEN EXAMINATION WILL BE HELD: The examination will be held in May/June every year.


OUR POSTAL COURSE: We will help you to plan your studies systematically to revise the entire syllabus of each subject and tests will be conducted regularly and assessed answer papers will be sent back after evaluation.


FREE PROSPETUS: Interested candidates may obtain Free prospetus sending a self addressed Rs. 10/- stamped big size envelope from the following address or Email your bio-data.

The Hon.Secretary
Kalaskar Educational Services
P.B. No.4, SHIKARIPUR-577 427.
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Indian Railways had a regular staff of 9.14 lakh in 1950-51 which increased to 16.54 lakh in 1991-92. Thereafter, the number declined to 15.86 lakh in the year 1999-2000. In 1995-96, the number of daily wage workers was nearly 57,000. In 1950-51, the average yearly wage per employee was Rs.1,263 which increased to Rs.59,219 in 1999-2000.

Recruitment: Methods of recruitments in SCR

Through Union Public Service Commission for Group “A” Officer
Through Railway Recruitment Board
Direct Substitute appointments
Appointments on compassionate ground
Appointments to sports persons
Appointments to Cultural artists
Appointments to Scouts & Guides
Appointment of Handicapped persons.

Details of subjects

the course consists of following subjects:
a) Transport Economics
b) Management Concepts
c) Personnel Management
d) Material Management
e) Accounting & Financial Management
f) Operating Management
g) Commercial Management
h) Civil Engineering
i) Electrical Engg
j) Mechanical Engg and
k) Signal & Telecommunications Engg.


Perks are plenty in the Railways. Apart from giving you the opportunity to travel through the country absolutely free, the Railways also provide free accomodation. All groups are entitled to pension and medical aid. In addition to this, 30 % of Group C employees get accomodation. All Group B employees are entitled to free accomodation and telephone, while Group A officers get accomodation in Railway Colonies and telephones as well.