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Head Quarters DGNCC
West Block -IV, R.K. Puram Sector-I
New Delhi-110066
INDIA (+91 011-26716707, +91 011-26194438)

Cadets Welfare Scheme

Cadet Welfare Society
Financial Assistance/ Relief
NCC related Activities
Death Case
Premanent Disability
Temporary Disability
(a) High Risk Activities
Rs. 3,00,000/-
Upto Rs. 3,00,000/-
Upto Rs. 1,75,000/-
(b) Normal/ other activities
Rs. 2,50,000/-
Upto Rs. 2,50,000/-
Upto Rs. 1,75,000/-
(d) Immediate Financial Assistance
In case of death of a cadet during a NCC related activity, immediate interim financial assistance not exceeding Rs. 50,000/- is granted by DGNCC. For the interim payment of Rs 50, 000/-, the following information/documents will be dispatched to the society within 48 hours of the occurrence, if necessary by a special courier:-
The Society grants 750 scholarships of Rs. 6,000/- each to NCC Cadets who excel in academics. The vacancies are allotted to all states based on the enrolled strength of each state.
The eligibility Conditions for award of Scholarship are as under :-
(1)    Junior Division/Wing Cadets
The cadet should have passed his VIII or IX examination in the preceding year with min 70% marks as prescribed. They should have undergone training for at least 1 year with a minimum of 80% attendance and exemplary discipline
(2)    Senior Division/Wing Cadets
The cadet should have obtained min of 70% marks in the aggregate in case of science stream and 60% in the case of Arts/Commerce stream in class XII or 2nd year of graduation or diploma in Polytechnic if NCC was not available at 10+2 level in the preceding academic year. The cadets if joining SD/SW in class XI will be eligible for CWS Scholarship based on their scoring in class X exam in the preceding year. The cadet should have done atleast one year in NCC with 80% attendance and exemplary discipline.
(3)Concession for SC/ST/OBC cadets :- Relaxation of 5% marks to the minimum laid down for each category is given. Such cadets are also eligible for a bonus of 10% marks while making the merit list.
(4)An extra concession of 5% marks to cadets belonging to J&K, NER and Sikkim.
Best Cadet Awards
The Society grants 2 Best cadet awards in each category i.e. JD,JW,SD,SW at group level. The amount of award is Rs. 3,500/- for Best cadet and Rs. 2,500/- for 2nd Best cadet. The selection is done by every GP HQ by holding competition in the following subjects :-
(a) Written test (general knowledge) to include current affairs and sports.
(b) Service Subjects to include drill and firing.
(c) Interview.
(d) Participation in various NCC activities.
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Incentive Provided By Central Govt.


Incentive Provided By State Govt.

Cash Awards
(a) RDC (National level)
(i) All India Best Cadet 1
 position – Gold Medal and Rs.1500/-
(ii) All India Best Cadet 2
 position –Silver Medal and Rs.1000/-
(iii) All India Best Cadet 3
 position- Bronze Medal and Rs.600/- 
(b) Individual events in RDC (National Level)
 (i)     1
 position – Gold Medal and Rs.1000/-                      
 (ii)    2
 position – Silver medal and Rs. 600/-
      (iii)   3
 position-Bronze Medal and Rs.400/-            
           (c) Cash Award for RDC Participants(National Level)
(i)Rupees   1000/-   (one   thousand   only)   to   each   cadet   who        
participates in the Republic Day Camp.
(d) Centrally Organised Camps (National Level) 
 Rupees 1000/- to each Medal winning Cadet in COCs. 
 (e) Adventure Activities (National Level)
(i) Mountaineering Expedition -    Rs.1000/- each Cadet who    
participates in Mountaineering Expedition.
(ii) Para Training -      Rs.800/- per Cadet for participating in      
Para Training Course at Agra.
Medals & Cash Awards (State Level)
(a) Governors Medals
 (i) Gold Medal : Rs.3000/- each to State level best six cadets
 (ii) Silver Medal: Rs.2000/- each to State level best six cadets
 (b) Adventure Activities (State Level)
(i) Sailing Expedition   -   Rs.500/- per cadet for Participating
in Sailing Expedition.
Kit Souvenir Allowance for Cadets Selected for YEP
(a) Rs.3000/- for each Selected Cadet towards kitting of    to State
          (b)Rs.750/- for each to Selected Cadets towards Souvenir share.
Kit including Mufti Dress and Track Suit for Participants in Centrally
Organised Camps(TSC Boys, TSC Girls, VSC & NSC) :
(a)      RDC            -        Rs.4700/- for each Cadet of Contingent.
(a)      TSC(Boys) -         Rs.2500/- for each Cadet of Contingent
(b)     TSC(Girls) -         Rs.2500/- for each Cadet of Contingent
          (c)      VSC            -         Rs.2500/- for each Cadet of Contingent
          (d)     NSC            -         Rs.2500/- for each Cadet of Contingent
Kit Allowance and Scholarship for Cadets selected for NDA, IMA,Air
Force, Naval Academy and OTA:
(a)      Kit Allowance -    Rs.1000/-for selected Cadets for   NDA only
(b)      Scholarship      - Rs.100/- Per Month for NDA selected Cadet.
                                      Rs.150/- Per Month for selected Cadets 
                                                 for IMA, Air Force and Naval Academy.
Scholarship for Best cadets in Republic Day Camp(National Level)
(i)     1
 position         Rs. 500/- per month for one year
(ii)    2
 position        Rs. 300/-per month for one year.         
(iii)   3
 position           Rs. 200/- per month for one year 
Cash Awards
(i)   Cash awards of Rs.1000/- to the cadets who take part in Republic
Day Camp. In addition to Rs.1000/-, Rs.500/- and Rs.300/- to first,
second and third prize winner respectively.
(i)    Cash award of Rs. 500/-, Rs. 250/- & Rs. 100/- for I,II and III
positions for competitions held at Centrally Organised Camp (No. of
Camps 25).
(ii)    Cash award of Rs. 500/- to all participants of Mountaineering
Expedition and additional Rs. 1000/- for reaching the Summit (No. of
Camps 25).
(iv)    Cash award per cadet of Rs. 500/- for recognition at national
level in any adventure activity (No. of Camps 50).
          Kit   allowance   pf   Rs.   3000/-   to   equip   each   cadet   selected   for
participation in Youth Exchange Programme.
Mufti to Cadets participating in Republic Day Camp and Adventure
Activities at National Level.
Blazer with Badge, Shirt, Trousers, NCC Tie, Socks, Shoes for Boys and
Footwear   for   Girls   at   a   cost   not   exceeding   Rs.2000/-   per   head.
(i)      Participating in Republic Day Camp approximately for 150
(ii)     Adventure activities approx for 50 Cadets.
Scholarships, Medals, Mementoes, Cash Awards, Certificates, Etc.
(a)      Scholarship to 80 SD/SW NCC Cadets @ Rs.1200/- per annum
(i.e., @ Rs.100/- per month for 12 months) and to 90 JD/JW NCC
Cadets @ Rs.600/- per annum (i.e., @ Rs.50/- per month for 12
months) respectively. 
(b)     Cash Incentives and Medals:     Rs.3,17,200/- per annum have
been sanctioned towards Cash Incentives and Medals for NCC Cadets
as under:
          State Level Best Cadets each in 6 Divisions:
          First             -         Gold Medal and Rs.3000/-
          Second         -         Silver Medal and Rs.2000/-
          Third           -         Bronze Medal and Rs.1000/-
          National Level Best Cadets each in three Groups
          First             -         Rs.5000/-
          Second         -         Rs.3000/-
          Third           -         Rs.2000/-
          Individual Sports events : National Level:
          First             -         Rs.1000/-
          Second         -         Rs.600/-
          Third           -         Rs.400/-
          Group Sports Events (Team) : National Level:
          First             -         Rs.1000/-     }
          Second         -         Rs.600/-       }per member of winning team
          Third           -         Rs.400/-       }
          State Selection Camp at Madras Token Amount
          Rs.100/- per Cadet
          Cash Award for RDC Participants:
          Rs.1000/- per participant for 108 RDC Cadets
FOR OTHER STATES… PLEASE VISIT: http://nccindia.nic.in/incentive_state.htm
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