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Indian Naval Benevolent Association - Scholarships

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.    The Indian Naval Benevolent Association is a charitable organization registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860

2.   The primary object of the Association  is to render financial assistance  to relieve hardship or distress of serving naval personnel as well as released/retired naval personnel and their families.
3.    A serving member with minimum of three years service must satisfy the following conditions to be eligible for a loan:-
(a) The balance in DSOP/AFPP Fund should be less than Rs.1 lac except for education loan.
(b) A maximum of four loans admissible in the entire service career.
(c)  Loan for self marriage would be granted to member who is of 25 years of age or more.
(d)   Not  more  than  2 loans each are permitted for daughter/sister’s marriage respectively  subject to overall  limit  of  four loans  in  entire career. Age of daughter/sister to be married should be more than 18 years.
(e) The details of loans  and grants for serving naval personnel are as follows:-

(a)  Loans:-
Officer Rs. Sailor Rs. Rate of Interest Rs.
 i)    Normal House Repairs 15,000 10,000 8% p.a
ii)  House Repair (Natural Calamity)
 20,000    15,000
iii)  Daughter Marriage (maximum 2 daughters)
40,000 30,000 8% p.a
iv)  Sister Marriage (maximum 2 sisters)
20,000 15,000 8% p.a
v)  Self Marriage 20,000 15,000
8% p.a
vi)  Higher Education 1,00,000 1,00,000 8% p.a
vii) Specialized  Medical Treatment 
     As per sanction issued by DGMS(N)
(b) Grants:-
i)    House Repairs (due to natural catastrophes like earthquake, floods etc). 10,000 10,000 Only for houses owned by
 ii)   Ex-gratia grant to NOK on death whilst in service.
    i)    Married
15,000 7,500 Disbursed locally by Commands/Area/Establishment
    ii)   Unmarried
10,000 5,000
 iii)  Purchase of     special equipment like hearing aids   for self, wife and children. 1,500 1,500 Maximum up to three times.
    iv)  Wheel Chair for disabled 1,500 1,500
Amount decided by      Administrators.
   v)   Neutralisation of excess  expenditure over the CGHS  rates for specialized treatments in civil hospital                                   50,000 50,000 Member/Spouse/Dependent Children
   vi)  Ph.D Qualification. 
Qualifications acquired bymember on his/her ownaccorded and expense
   vii)  M.Phil Qualification
  viii)  Incentive for Proficiency in Sports and Athletics.
State Level   3,000 3,000 For children of naval 
National Level    10,000 10,000 personnel.              
International Level 20,000 20,000  
4.                 Eligibility Criteria for Scholarship:-
Category   Graduation Course(10+2 marks)Science Humanities Post Graduation Courses(Graduation marks)Science Humanities
(a)  Serving Retd Officers 80%             75% 70%             65%
(b)  Serving Sailor’s sons, naval personnel died in harness and exsailors (pensioners). 65%            60% 65%            60%
(c)  Serving and deceased   sailor’s daughters.                                                                                   
Pass qualifying examination in allsubjects in first attempt
(d)  Single Girl Child of serving officers - do –
5.         Renewal of Scholarships:-       At least 60% marks for both science and humanities in Graduation/Post Graduation annual examination.  Daughters of serving sailors and widows of naval personnel pass in all subjects in first attempt each year.
6.                            Rates of Scholarships:-
(a)  Boarder  - Rs. 6,000/- per annum
(b)  Day Scholar - Rs. 3,000/-  per annum
(c) Receipent of stipend/ fellowship/scholarship fromany other source                Difference between INBA rate and rate of scholarship from other sources.
7.         Scholarship for Handicapped Children Between ages of 3 to 18 years:-
(i)  Boarder                     - Rs. 100/- p.m
(ii)  Day Scholar              - Rs.   50/- p.m
8.         Scholarship for Handicapped Children Between ages of 3 to 18 years:-
(i)  Boarder                     - Rs. 100/- p.m
(ii)  Day Scholar             
- Rs.   50/- p.m
9.         Details of grants to the ex-naval personnel and their families:-
Purpose Officers Rs. Sailors Rs. Remarks
(a)  On death of naval pensioner
Death certificate and pension Particulars to be sent to Secretary, INBA.
(b)  Grant for marriage (maximum of two children) 10,000 5,000 For children of naval widows only.
(c) Grant for Economic Activity. 10,000 10,000 For self help economic venture to sailors families.
(d)  Grant  to Sailors invalided out of service due to TB/Leprosy/Paraplegia etc (a)  Pocket allowance of Rs.300/- p.m for 2 years during hospitalisation
(b)  Lump sum grant of Rs.500/- on discharge from hospital.
(c)   Rehabilitation grant up to maximum ofRs.7,500/- depending on merit of each case
(e)  Specialised medical treatment for specified diseases/procedures
2.00 lac each
2.00 lac each
Member spouse & dependent children below 18 years only (maximum of two members per family).
(f)  Scholarship for handicapped children First two school going children (inclusive of normal children) from ages of 3 to 18 years.
    (a)   Day Scholar 
50/- p.m
            50/- p.m
    (b)   Boarder
100/- p.m 
            100/- p.m
(g)  Purchase of special medical  equipment for handicapped children. A maximum sum of Rs.4,500/- is payable for purchase of special medical equipment on the recommendation of medical authority.
Note:-  Indigent cases not covered  under the above rules are also considered   by the Relief and Finance Committee of the Association on the merits of each case for suitable ex-gratia grants.

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Indian Naval Benevolent Association - Scholarships

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