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Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) is the premier Industrial R&D Organisation in
India.  On  the  occasion  of  its  Diamond  Jubilee  in  2002,  CSIR  initiated  Invention  Awards  for
school  children  to  create  awareness,  interest  and  motivation  for  Intellectual  Property  amongst
On the occasion of the World Intellectual Property Day which is celebrated through out the world on
26 th   April,    CSIR  invites  applications  for  the   Eighth    CSIR  Diamond  Jubilee  Invention
Award(CDJIA) for School Children-2009 . The first prize winner would also become eligible for
WIPO s Young Inventor s Award carrying a medal and a certificate.
Applicant  must  provide  the  details  of  the  invention  submitted  for  the  award  in  not  more  than
5000  words in English/Hindi including an abstract (in not more than  100  words), authenticated
(by giving seal and date) and sent through the Principal/ Head of the School where the student
is      enrolled      and      personal      details      on      a      separate      page      as      follows:
Name, date of birth, school and residential address, class,  telephone  no. (residence/school), e-
mail address. 
In case of proposals already selected for state, national, international or equivalent awards, only
the subject matter covering the improvements need to be submitted for consideration of CDJIA-
2009. Published inventions would be considered as per the provisions of the Patent Act.
The  applications for the  award not  exceeding  5000 words  in English/Hindi with  requisite  drawings
will be considered. The write-up must describe the subject matter in a problem-solution mode and
highlighting the novel and non-obviousness feature of the invention and its advantages.
Any  Indian  student  enrolled  in  an  Indian  school  below  the  age  of  18  years  as  on  31 st   July  2009  can
The invention submitted should be one that is globally novel, non-obvious and utilitarian. It could
be  a  new  concept  or  idea  or  a  solution  to  an  existing  problem  or  completely  a  new  method/
process/  device/  utility.  It  is  not  essential/  necessary  that  the  invention  should  have  been
worked,  only  the  concept  of  the  invention  should  have  been  proved  through  a  model,  a
prototype    or   experimental   data.   Details   of    any    assistance/   guidance    provided   by
teachers/parents/friends or others must be appropriately mentioned and acknowledged.
Typed  applications  to  be  sent  by  Registered  Post/Courier  to:  Head,  Intellectual  Property
Management  Division,  CSIR,  NISCAIR  Building,  14  Satsang  Vihar  Marg,  Special  Institutional
Area, New Delhi - 110 067 with the envelope marked on top left hand corner 'CDJIA-2009'. You
may also send application  through email addressed to  head.ipmd@niscair.res.in. However,
a hard copy should also follow through post with Principal s authentication.
Applications received on or before 31 st  October 2009 will be considered for the Award.
Prizes : There are in all 60 prizes. Besides a certificate, the cash awards are:
First Prize      (1 No.)                                    Rs. 50,000/-
Second Prize (2 Nos.)                                 Rs. 25,000/- each
Third Prize     (3 Nos.)                               Rs. 15,000/- each
Fourth Prize   (4 Nos.)                               Rs. 10,000/- each
Fifth Prize      (50 nos.)                                 Rs.   5,000/-  each
The  awardees  will  be  selected  by  a  high  level  Awards  Selection  Committee.    If  required,  the  short  listed
candidates may be called for Interview at Delhi or at any other appropriate place.  The decision of the Awards
Selection Committee / CSIR will be final and binding on the applicants   and   no   enquiries/ correspondence  
in   this   regard   will   be entertained.
The  Awards  will  be  announced  on  January  1,  2010,    at  New  Delhi  and  would  be    communicated  to  the
Awardees only. 

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